Double bath

The Hot Tub Double is designed for people, for whom taking a bath is an activity that can be enjoyed by the maximum of two people at the same time. With the dimentions of 2 m in length and 0.7 m in width, there is enough space in the tub for two people to feel comfortable in. All you need is 400 litres of water and a couple of logs and enjoy! Due to its small size and short warm-up time, it is also a great way to let your children have a fun bath outdoors.
Warranty 2 years Warranty 2 years
Easy to maintain Easy to maintain
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The Doublet is made of PE plastic and has many color variations. The main colors used are blue, gray marble and black. The Doublet can only be purchased in the form of a plastic bathtub, which can be rebuilt or built into the terrace partially or fully. And if you want to fit the tub in a place of your own choice without the shell, we add side support handles made of stainless steel for support.
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SKU Double
Length 2040
Width 935
Height 761
Weight 100
Manufacturer Eccua Pro OÜ