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An above-ground hydrant is a hydrant whose upper part extends 0.8 m above the ground. This feature makes it much easier to find and use a hydrant in anxious conditions.
Ground telescopic insulated hydrant
Eccua's product range includes 2 different types of surface hydrants:
Ground fire hydrant, telescopically adjustable and with non-vertical spindle
Ground fire hydrant, telescopically adjustable and with tubular spindle
The standard length of the hydrant is 1700-2000mm from the ground to the center of the piping.
The hydrants are certified and have a certificate of conformity to EN 14384: 2005.

Although the standard for hydrants does not provide for the use of a protective coating on surface hydrants, we have provided ground fire hydrants with a red protective coating of PE plastic. Based on our experience, we find it necessary to protect the above-ground parts of hydrants from over-aggressive corrosion of road de-icing chemicals, to make them more visible to road users and users, and to prevent snow and ice from accumulating on and around important parts of the hydrant.
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