Infiltration tunnel

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The multifunctional impregnation tunnel is a suitable solution for impregnating rainwater, water from bioreactors and septic tanks, as well as gray water into the soil. It is important to ensure that the tunnels are installed in dry soil so that the maximum groundwater level is at least 100 cm from the start of impregnation. If there is no such part of the dry surface, the construction of the embankment for impregnation must be considered.
  • Why is this good?
  • Durable
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Less digging
  • Long lasting
  • One module (11 kg) replaces approximately 800 kg of gravel or a drainage pipe with a capacity of 36 meters. By using the Imbtunnel, you save money on excavation and gravel. The suction tunnel is a cost-effective and efficient means of impregnating treated wastewater into the soil.

Infiltration modules are installed in one row or in several lines. They are easy to adapt to specific conditions and desired capacity. Modules are easy, quick and easy to install. The Imbtunnel module weighs only 11 kg, so no special installation aids are required. The Imbtunnel modules are easy to line up and fasten with end plates.
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SKU 230010
Length 1160
Width 800
Height 490
Weight 11
Manufacturer Otto Graf GmbH