Klaro 8IE

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Energy efficient Energy efficient
Self-anchoring container Self-anchoring container
Easy to maintain Easy to maintain
Quiet Quiet
Meets environmental requirements Meets environmental requirements
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The Klaro dosing cleaner, manufactured by the German company Otto-GRAF GmbH and the experienced cleaning equipment manufacturer KLARO GmbH, works on the principle of wastewater aeration. It is not necessary to install any live parts in the tank. All movement processes take place in the system by means of three so-called air-lift pumps operated by a compressor.
The compressor also supplies air to the membrane aerator at the bottom of the second chamber of the dosing cleaner. The compressor and all other technical elements are practically maintenance-free and are located in a control cabinet that can be installed in the service room of the building.
There are no electrical or rotating devices in the tank and therefore internal system failures are ruled out. The cleaning process is controlled by an air compressor built into the Klaro system control unit. The distribution of air between the individual pumping processes is regulated by a special automation system. The air compressor is very reliable and works quietly. The power consumption of the system is only 0.14 kWh per person per day.
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Length 2315
Width 1790
Height 1955
Weight 150