Compact pumpstation Edgar

Pumpla Edgar is suitable for pumping water into a higher drainage or sewage system.
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Warranty 2 years Warranty 2 years
Self-anchoring container Self-anchoring container
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The small pump “Edgar” is a further development of a basement pump with a modular well section. Depending on the number of modules, it is possible to install the pumping station up to a depth of 1700 mm. The modules are connected by a welded joint and are watertight. "Edgar" is suitable for pumping water into a higher drainage or sewerage system. Compared to the Juku pump, the Edgar has a larger capacity and is therefore also suitable for larger flow losses. Due to the ball-shaped construction, the pumping station is self-anchoring. “Edgar” is also suitable for pumping sewage, drainage and rainwater to private houses or smaller groups of houses in accordance with the standards EVS-EN 12050-1: 2001 and EVS-EN 12050-2: 2001. Depending on the hatch selection, the pump can also be installed under driveways. Thanks to the white pump housing, it is easy to clean.

Technical specifications
Housing Ø: - 850 mm
Pumping station height H (with hatch) - H800… 1700
Internal piping Ø: - DN32, cam-lock pump connection
Useful volume: - 250 liters
Weight without pump: - 40 kg

Special solutions
As a special solution, the pump can also be fitted with an insulation casing and, if necessary, also surround the pumping station with a heating cable.

NB! Pump not included in the price!

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