Maapealne veevõtupost Eccua

It is designed to be connected to the domestic water line and is equipped with a ground tap and a drain valve.
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Suitable for use in parks, cemeteries or home gardens. The water intake post "Eccua" is intended for places where the amount of water consumed at one time is more than 5 l. Through the column, it is very convenient to bring, for example, the irrigation water connection as close as possible to the required place.

The column is equipped with two taps. The top faucet is a ball faucet for summer use. The lower tap is a ground tap that can be turned with a special key under the cover of the post. The ground tap is equipped with a drain valve through which the water left in the upright part of the pole can drain out. The part of the column that remains on the ground is made of PE plastic and filled with polyurethane foam to prevent freezing. The drain valve and the heat-set ground part make it possible to use the Samba all year round.

Colors: dark green, dark blue, black and marble.
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