Platin complete package 1500

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Warranty 2 years Warranty 2 years
Self-anchoring container Self-anchoring container
Environmentally friendly Environmentally friendly
Load-bearing lawn tractors Load-bearing lawn tractors
Produced and developed in Germany Produced and developed in Germany
Reliable warranty Reliable warranty
Quiet Quiet
Meets environmental requirements Meets environmental requirements
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The rainwater use system is the most popular system for garden use. An important advantage of this is the in-tank pump system. The pump is located at the bottom of the tank and the hose is connected to the adapter on the tank door. The pressure-sensitive pump system starts as soon as the pressure in the hose drops. Therefore, it is not necessary to start the pump separately.

The tank has a filter basket, a water intake hose with a float and an overflow for filling the tank. All Graf rainwater use systems are built on the principle that fresh inflowing water enters the bottom of the tank and that water is taken from the surface. This creates a better water exchange in the tank.

2700, 3750, 4800 and 6500 liter tanks can be used as tanks. The pump system and filter system are also available for the low Platinum tank.
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Length 2100
Width 1250
Height 700
Weight 85