Garden Comfort, plastic lid + PLATIN 7500

CE certificate CE certificate
Warranty 2 years Warranty 2 years
Self-anchoring container Self-anchoring container
Load-bearing lawn tractors Load-bearing lawn tractors
Easy to maintain Easy to maintain
Favorable operating costs Favorable operating costs
Produced and developed in Germany Produced and developed in Germany
Reliable warranty Reliable warranty
Quiet Quiet
Meets environmental requirements Meets environmental requirements
€3,782.40 €3,152.00
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A platinum tank is a particularly flat tank designed for installation in places where a particularly shallow installation depth is important. Such places are, for example, places with very high groundwater and places where it is difficult to dig a deep trench (for example on a limestone surface). It is also convenient to use the tank when installing rainwater use systems.
The rainwater collection system Comfort is a simple but convenient solution for using rainwater in the garden. The set includes a Platinum tank in the size of 1500, 3000, 5000 or 7500l, a pressure-sensitive pump, a filter basket and water intakes with hose fittings.

The pressure-sensitive pump switches on automatically when the pressure in the hose drops or the tap is opened. The pump itself is located at the bottom of the tank and is therefore basically silent. The incoming rainwater passes through the filter basket to catch foreign bodies that have entered the system.
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Length 3600
Width 2250
Height 1565
Weight 360