Septic with anaerobic filter, tank 6500, max load. 3750l/d

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Warranty 2 years Warranty 2 years
Warranty for tank 15 years Warranty for tank 15 years
Self-anchoring container Self-anchoring container
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Produced and developed in Germany Produced and developed in Germany
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Meets environmental requirements Meets environmental requirements
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A septic tank with a biological filter system is an innovative and capable solution for domestic wastewater treatment. The septic tank forms a large sediment chamber and the filter system in the tank contains a carrier material for biofilm formation. The water passing through the septic tank settles in the tank and passes through an anaerobic filter system before entering the soil filter.

Advantages of an anaerobic filter septic tank over a three-chamber septic tank:
Unlike a three-chamber septic tank, a septic tank with a biofilter gives a higher cleaning result (BOD7 is reduced by up to 50%) and thus the pollution load on the soil filter is significantly lower. However, a lower pollution load means a longer service life for the soil filter. Due to the significantly higher throughput, the smallest septic tank with a 2700l biofilter is comparable to a 5m3 three-chamber septic tank. Thus, larger families, institutions for up to 15 people could think of a septic tank with a biofilter. Installing a 2700l tank is also cheaper than installing a 5m3 tank.
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